Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Which Everything is Mentioned.

My article on the past 30 years' Touchstones of Gaming - in which I survey the culture, politics and media (also video games) of every year since 1980 - is now up on Gamesradar. If you want an article which mentions the Falklands War, Waco siege, Lost, Bobbitt Trial, Elvis Presley, Doom and Ronald Reagan's relationship to Princess Toadstool, it is your lucky day! Of all the things I've written about games, this is the one most geared toward people who don't give a shit about games (well, apart from this, anyway).

Bonus blog content: I'd have said the touchstone of this year was Modern Warfare 3, whose heartfelt paean to the terrible euphoria of techno-militarism - not to mention embroilment in unending corporate, legal and political skirmishes - perfectly represents an age of corporatized war without end pushing us ever closer to the brink of extremely cinematic Armageddon. LA Noire is all very well, but I don't see the publisher of that game (whoever it is) starring in a Brad Pitt movie.


Rudy said...

Nicely done. Like a virtual man yelling "Get your star maps here!" in a town that has the Louis Sullivans of the world, as opposed to the Brad Pitts. Words cannot express how I look forward to another Puddle of Gravy podcast. Is there one in the pipeline?

zwandy said...

This was a fun article... took me back big time... thanks!

Homage said...

@Rudy: Danny and I were just talking about that the other day. Also, your comment is definitely going on the blurb when this blog post is turned into a book.