Saturday, July 24, 2010

Corganwatch: The Bodily Remains Such a Bore

Character relations are defined under crisis, which is why Corganwatch will be avoiding the requisite chastisement of the anemic royal for slamming fans for being "stuck in 1993" (because apparently it's fine to dwell on 1996, when you erroneously believe your fate became irreparably soured, but heaven forbid people should dwell on the time you did your best thing).

No, with Lanky McThumbington having suffered an unexplained onstage collapse, which he's gamely shrugging off in the name of giving fans what they will take and damn well like want for the remainder of his tour, Corganwatch's best wishes are with the singer. May he either get well soon, or undergo an L Ron Hubbard-esque out-of-body experience in which all the world's knowledge is revealed to him and he becomes one with the divine (which, contrary to some evidence, obviously hasn't happened yet, because someone who was one with the divine would know that Billy Corgan needs to hire a producer).

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