Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corganwatch: Consume My Love, Devour My Hate, Powers My Keyboardist's Cape

This earnest organ has written previously of words that the English language needs to start using. To said organ's immense hypercredulity, one word that hasn't yet caught on is "hypercredulity".

Hypercredulity is the sensation of believing something so strongly that you actually have trouble countenancing its existence. As opposed to incredulity - the feeling that something cannot be believed because it seems so unlike the sort of thing that would happen - hypercredulity is the feeling that it is hard to believe something, precisely because it seems so much like something that would happen. And let me tell you, it is a more useful word than you might think it would be!

Previously listed examples of hypercredulity include Don DeLillo writing a deeply metaphorical novel about post-9/11 America called The Falling Man; Tim Burton directing Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in an Alice in Wonderland movie; or John Cusack starring in a movie about a man who takes his children on a road trip across contemporary America because he can't face telling them that their mother has been killed in Iraq, and that movie being called Grace is Gone. Newer examples might include Mr. Chuck Klosterman writing an essay about the gulf between the social conservatism and ludological progressiveness inherent in the American game of football and calling that essay Football; all gay Republicans; and the imminent existence, silly name and all, of the Apple iPad.

Again, once you start using the word "hypercredulity" (which I gave you) to describe this immensely common sensation, you will most likely start noticing it all the time!

As a test run, I invite you to join me in learning[1] that Billy Corgan's bandmates from Smashing Pumpkins 2.0 have moved on, and that the one-time Spyer of a Fragile Heart is now soliciting video auditions "for a new keyboardist who is a fan of--and can play in the prog-rock style of--Jon Lord and Rick Wakeman."

See what I mean? Hypercredulity!

[1] Thanks go out to friend of the show Crewdson for the tip.


richard said...

did you see that Devo are back, doing snarky online surveys about graphic design and colour? Hypercredulous!

I like it. Kinda like Alec Baldwin in the last 6 things he appeared in.

Homage said...

Alec Baldwin is a tragedy for our time. He is finally achieving mainstream success by parodying a former notoriety he never quite achieved. The only person who totally "gets" Alec Baldwin's self-effacing pastiche of Alec Baldwin is Alec Baldwin himself.

Hugh said...

Another great example of hypercredulity - Morgan Freeman playing Nelson Mandela in an inspirational, vaguely political re-imagining of South African history.

Homage said...

@Hugh: You're exactly right, that is hypercredible casting at its best.

Hugh said...

I think you need to make a facebook page for this word so that I can become a fan of it. Just sayin'.