Thursday, February 04, 2010

What Monsters Would Say: Sphinx

"Can we do that thing where you hold my front paws and I walk up your chest and do a flip? That's not a riddle, I'm just asking."


JJWM said...

It's really scary to think I'm so tall now we'd like, have to do it the other way around, or something.

Homage said...

I could still do it. I could even do Crouching Tiger Hidden Joseph. I give Postie piggybacks all the time.

someonefromsometime said...

@joeyjoejoe at first that sounded REALLY weird.

@TommyG that pic is actually quite awesome! i saw a very cool donkey pic, or should i say clip from this show "drawn together", making fun of mexicans with donkeys. sufice to say it was awesomeand it reminded me of your donkey pics!

Eirik said...

Hey Tom, I don't comment much, I think this might my very first comment, but I think it is time.

I really like your blog, I do, and I'm very happy that you continue to keep it, but what happened to Puddle of Gravy? You haven't made an episode in ages, and I continue to check in quite regurarly, just to be disappointed yet again.

Will you leave your fans to listen to the Clip Show time and time again, for all eternity? Or will you grace us with another show soon?

It sounds like you guys enjoy making it as much as I enjoy listening (if not even more so), so I think it's about time you team up with Danny again for another episode. What do you say? Especially since you stopped making videos, you should continue the podcasting, in my humble opinion.

I guess, since this is my first comment, and I have followed your stuff on youtube and blogspot for about 1 1/2 year now, I should mention how much I enjoy reading, wathcing and listening to your stuff. Don't know why I haven't commented earlier, I guess I'm still too used to the one way communication thing about publications. But yeah, keep it up, I really enjoy it!



Homage said...

Hi Eirik,

Thank you so much for your kind words. Your encouragement means a lot to me, and to Danny.

Please be assured that we are committed to continuing Puddle of Gravy. We enjoy bringing it to you as much as you enjoy listening to it. However as you'll no doubt be aware from my blog, I'm currently on the road, and not always able to connect with Danny so as to make a Skype call and record an episode. There are many sucky features of living in hostels and on couches, but one of them is that it's simply often not possible to record a podcast.

We thank you for your attention and assure you that PoG is on hiatus, but not done by any stretch.

someonefromsometime said...


i completely agree with our friend "Eirik" on the subject matter of PoG.

i thought it had died.:(
but it hasnt :D


neocowboy said...

This is excellent dialogue, very Andersonesque. I'm well impressed.

Homage said...

I get up in the morning wondering how I can be closer to the director of Resident Evil and Event Horizon, so ^ is high praise indeed.

neocowboy said...

Oh ha ha...very droll.

Eirik said...

Tom, I'm so happy to hear that PoG is merely put on hold! Can't wait for the next episode, I hope it will be filled with anecdotes from your U.S. tour 09/10.