Monday, January 11, 2010

Tokens of the 2000s: The One-Disc Edition of Fight Club, $19 New

Don't be stupid! Nobody will ever buy that! No movie more strongly commands cult attention in the form of mandatory Special Edition purchase than Fight Club, and middlingly smart people will never tire of pointing out the irony of this: if you really loved Fight Club, you would show it by not owning a copy of Fight Club at goddamn all. (Much less playing the game).

Which is a ridiculously juvenile way of looking at it, but Chuck Pahlaniuk has this magic power of making ridiculously juvenile thinking seem like this empowering action, which is fortunate for Chuck Pahlaniuk, because people thinking in a ridiculously juvenile manner are far more likely to buy his books. Anyway, Fight Club is one of the most important films of the 2000s, which is impressive given that it was made in 1999, and if you can forget everything about any person who you could ever associate with Fight Club (especially Chuck Pahlaniuk), it is a very good book also.

However you can not possibly own Fight Club on DVD without availing yourself of the opportunity to hear Pahlaniuk talk about how Fight Club is one of the only movies which he considers to have any redeeming quality whatsoever, which is the sort of solipsistic childishness that marks truly empowered thinking.

And so here is an listing for the Special Edition of Fight Club.


harvestbird said...

As a result of Fight Club [the film] my husband was briefly in a fight club here in the early 2000s. I believe he cracked some ribs (his own). It was a formative experience and one that makes me glad I didn't know him well when he was in his twenties.

Homage said...

While Mysterious Pete and I briefly toyed with forming a fight club, only my little brother was ever in one.

Homage said...
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someonefromsometime said...

I love this movie!!