Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tokens of the 2000s: The "Lurid Green Distressed Text on Black Screen" Colorscheme

The 2000s were as cruel to few media entities as they were to The Matrix. But then again, and more importantly, few media entities were crueller to people during the 2000s than The Matrix. Remember how there was this amazing thing that came out of nowhere and synthesized all this shit about the millennial moment in a way that was this perfectly self-contained little pop-cultural nugget of concentrated worth? Remember how we mulled over it for just a little too long, allowed just one or two too many philosophy-for-gibbons books to use that distinctive design scheme, and someone said oh, well, you want Matrix, we got Matrixes till your whole life is a Matrix?

And then before we knew it we had The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions and The Animatrix and The Matrix: Path of Neo and Enter The Matrix and we were all like "I have had it up to here with these goddamn Matrixes in this motherfucking mass media" and Matrix was all like "no you love The Matrix, remember how you like The Matrix, dodge this, jurismydiction"? I feel like the inability to distinguish between "I sure did like that Matrix" and "oh look, The Matrix Online, sign me up" is a uniquely idiotic thing about the people of now, but this may be universal across time, space and all Matrixes.

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Robyn said...

I like to think of that text style as a special gift from the '90s to the '00s.