Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live From The Internet: Apple Show All Cool, Cold

I didn't think that today I would sit at my Apple Macbook Pro with my Apple iPod plugged into it and ignore the beeping of the phone that would be an Apple iPhone if AT&T would sell me one (they don't trust my credentials as a foreigner) as I wrote about the Apple EyeTabLet, the latest step in our (all humanity's) progression ever closer to glorious utopia. I thought I would probably let the geegaw enjoy a successful release despite my lack of comment and then realise one to three years later that I could really do with one.

(Sidebar of Art Fag City)

But if there's some sort of weird Promethean sacrifice thing going on involving the unfathomably creepy Mr Jobs, then the device may be interesting to me as soon as a year from now!

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