Sunday, January 10, 2010

Corganwatch: What, This Isn't a Thing Already?

Would you buy a new Electric Prunes record from this man?

I'm a little embarrassed to learn that Billy Corgan has taken this long to set up a record label with Kerry Brown. What the hell do you mean, Billy Corgan hasn't had a record label with Kerry Brown this whole time? James fucking Iha has had a record label with Kerry Brown for years!

Then again, James Iha had actually done a whole bunch of things Billy Corgan wanted to do long before Billy Corgan got around to doing them, such as releasing a solo album, knocking about with poppier-than-pop teen idols, seeing D'arcy's breasts, and being like Trent Reznor.

If this keeps up, soon Billy Corgan will be doing that other thing that James Iha got round to doing years ago: recording music that is nominally listenable but really rather terrible by any sensible standards, and yet everyone feels compelled to listen to it because it is technically Smashing Pumpkins music.

Ha ha ha! That future event can not be far off!


Matt Powell said...

Did the Billy Corgan solo album not count? Or am I missing some deeper irony?

On a related note, the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex album is actually pretty fucking excellent, on account of it turns out he is quite good at drums.

Homage said...

Yes, but Let it Come Down was released before Thefuturembrace. Also agreed re the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex. The Billy tracks are the worst. :(