Friday, December 25, 2009

The Week Of Trying To Say Anything In The Least Bit Interesting About Avatar, Day 6: Avatar, or On The Amazing Genre

There is basically no point discussing whether or not you like Avatar with someone who likes Avatar. If someone likes Avatar, there is no point telling them you do not love Avatar. People who love Avatar are like people who love Rush Limbaugh. If you say you do not love it (not that you do not like it, or that you hate it: just that you do not love it), it is assumed that you want to destroy the Western world and put the world under the yoke of a Socialist Islam dystopia. This isn't a metaphor.

This is because all things made by people until now have been subjective works that cater to individuals' tastes, but Avatar is the first thing ever made which it is impossible to not love as a sane rational human being. Here are the reasons why.

Avatar has better computer graphics than any other film, if you think that the point of computer graphics is to impress people with what good computer graphics they are. If you think the point of computer graphics is not to call attention to themselves as impressive works of artifice, you are wrong.

Avatar is also in 3D, which is good because it means you have to see it in the theaters. People who love Avatar often think they are or could be working successfully in the motion picture industry, so they see it as professionally savvy to applaud Avatar for being a movie that you have to see in the theaters.

Avatar is Amazing. This is the genre Avatar belongs to: the Amazing genre. It is a movie whose main theme is its own amazingness. Earlier examples of the Amazing genre are Pan's Labyrinth, King Kong, and the new Star Wars films. The good thing about making an Amazing movie is that everyone loves them. The bad thing is that it is impossible to say anything interesting about them, because they are not interesting, they are Amazing.

It is things like this that make me hope that James Cameron makes an interesting movie again sometime.

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