Thursday, July 02, 2009

In Which Our Hero Talks About Talking.

My podcast, Like a Mad Dog Running Through a Puddle of Gravy, is featured this week on Access Radio. I was interviewed by co-host of Tues with Laura and Yenping, whose name - dig this for a coincidence! - is Yenping.

Radio superstar Yenping in what is probably the best picture of her.

Yenping's blurb for the podcast calls it "variously astounding, amusing and incomprehensible", and explains the theme as "the world’s most average guys, expressing their innermost average thoughts". Which is all I ever wanted to convince anyone that I was!


someonefromsometime said...

Heard the interview. It was great!

ontic5 said...

And so it begins..

Great interview. I wonder what it´ll do to your listener numbers. I hope you won´t forget your early fans, though.
And thanks for mentioning me on the radio.