Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Donkey In Art of the Week: Somehow Political Donkey

I don't get it.


someonefromsometime said...

Me neither, but that donkey is in for an ass-kickin

Uninspired said...


Well after a bit of reseach, i found out that image is the origin of which the Democratic party's symbol spawned from and it has a rather charming back story, of which I'm sure you are already well aware.
Thank you Tom for once again inspiring me to learn something new.

Kind Regards

PS Dear Someone, do not fear for the donkey, as the lion is already dead, I feel the donkey is trying to change the phrase "flogging a dead horse", to a more distant relative i.e the lion.

someonefromsometime said...

Ah, it al suddenly makes sense now... I thought it would be something political but hadn't bother to investigate. thx for the info Simst

Homage said...

Youse folks may also be interested to know that the lion is the symbol of independents. Thusly the donkey jumping over the (Dead? Sleeping? Bone-Idle?) lion is presumably a reference to a Democratic triumph over an Independent candidate.

But why's he in the jungle? Who wrote on him?

Hugh said...

It's not a jungle, it's a swamp.

Notice the word 'Copperhead' painted on the Donkey's side. 'Copperhead' was slang for a northern Democrat who was sympathetic to the cause of the South during the Civil War. So I suspect it's supposed to be the a Southern swamp.

I'm not sure what the Capitol Dome is doing in the background.

Homage said...

Thank goodness for Hugh! Ok I feel I have a handle on this particular donkey now.

See you next Tuesday. said...

The lion is laying there because the Independents were accused of fence sitting during the Civil War. Ironically, the Republicans were the progressive ones at the time.

Homage said...

Thanks for the further clarification. I don't find that hard to believe: there're plenty of times when the GOP have been the ones Getting It Done.