Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Monsters Would Say: Chupacabra

"Hey man, see Trent Reznor's latest blog post? Pretty sick, dude knows where it's at. You know I'm gonna Digg that shit."


someonefromsometime said...

LOLZ. That one is great!
I still remember back in the day (probably still happens today too) that farmers and such would swear to having seen or suffered from their livestock falling victim to El chupacabras!

i guess the Americans have UFOs and aliens and we get blood sucking phenomena unleashed on our food supply :)

Do you guys in NZ have any scary monster/alien myths or urban legends?? You could probably PoG the shit out of that.

see you around!

Homage said...

Hey good call. We have a very slightly above-average-sized cat that has been seen in the silverbeet crops of Ash Vegas. Also there's always the Moa. We shall have to look into POGging this!

neocowboy said...

Tom what about the fabled Taniwha?