Monday, May 18, 2009

Actual Donkey Animal of the Week: Upside Down Invisible Bicycle Donkey

Dear Donkey, I think you are confusing up with down, air with a bicycle, and yourself with someone who is built to ride on same! How would you even grasp the handlebars??


someonefromsometime said...

some times you just have an itch you cant scratch.

Or maybe he got fed-up with having his legs carry all the weight, figured it was time for a change :)

Homage said...

Check the dust cloud behind him. I love the thought that somehow in defiance of all the laws of physics he might actualy be in motion.

Uninspired said...

Right ummm, I dont mean to bring everybody down but am I the only one who thinks this donkey might be dead?
I mean Tom I know you don't have the followers you deserve, but it doesn't mean you have to fold and cater to the hords of beastility driven necrophiles out there.
I love this feature so much!
Kind regards and leader of the BNA

Uninspired said...

Ok too far Stelios

Homage said...

Just for you, Uninspired, I have searched for "dead donkey" images and assure you a dead donkey does not look like this. Nor do they kick up dust like that.

And I need my fans where I can get them. I even brook LongBrownCloud after all.

Uninspired said...

You're being optimistic, clearly you haven't heard of the zombie donkey flu that's going around, which explains the dust being kicked up. . .
Oh and I never congratulated you on making a Tumblr account and therefore adding to your awesomeness.
I have finals coming up, which means my brian is starting to fry so I apologize for the post and any others I make in the near future.