Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Free Idea: Cliche Check

There are two parts to this Free Idea. The first is an Urbandictionary- or TVTropes- esque site that keeps track of cliches as they pass into the language, monitoring phrases from a "calm blue" level of friendly familiarity ("so much for...", "a wide range", etc), through a "toxic green" level of current overexposure ("under the hood", "eat our own dog food", 90% of all text on tech-focused websites), through to a magma-toned "permanent retirement red" ("at the end of the day", "all and sundry", the bulk of all words spoken by major sports journalists). This governs the evolution of the English language in a manner so cartoonishly over-quantified that it will be no end of fun.

But the best part of Cliche Check would be the plugins section. You could download a plugin for you word-processing software of choice that would interface with the online database to run a check on your text, highlighting the level of cliche you had allowed to creep into your work and, with the gentle passive-aggressivity that made Clippy the Paperclip such an icon, suggesting that maybe if you just took a little longer on your writing (or "content generation", as you may think of it if you're a dick), it might be an awful lot more engaging.

This idea is free of charge and can be implemented immediately by interested parties. Strewth!


lossie said...

Of course I love it.Sign me up!(do you get a credit if your application to join is itself a cliche?)

Homage said...

We've got you covered, Lossie.