Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Corganwatch: A Quiet Moment of Introspection

Few here at Corganwatch have made it through the World's Loudest Introvert's latest blog post, for two reasons: firstly, poor Billy doesn't realise that in 2009, we don't read anything longer than a couple of paragraphs if they're not in list- or titties-depicting-form; and secondly, the hilarious, stark honesty of the third sentence:
I've made many, many mistakes through the years...
Which, really, may be the best thing Billy Corgan has written since Muzzle.

Also Of Note:

- Nobody is sophisticated enough to realise that Billy Corgan onstage is a cunt but that doesn't imply that Billy Corgan is a cunt. What we're missing is that his latest persona (let's call it "The Cunt") is merely the latest in a line of nuanced onstage characters, a la Bowie or Dylan. In fairness to us, it's hard to tell The Cunt from the long line of characters WPC has adopted over the years ("zero, the whyte spider, the sad guy, the vampyre, etc"), because they all dress the same, sing the same songs, and berate the audience in the same way... but that's where the "sophistication" comes into play!

- The next Smashing Pumpkins album will be a serially-released, 44-track behemoth with an accompanying movie. This puts it in the company of such runaway success concept album/movie crossovers as The Elder, Year Zero, and Greendale.

Really, don't you miss the days when corporate oligarchies imposed their ruthless tyrannical arbitrations on our artists' candid statements and creative output alike, restricting the flow of their contributions down to stiflingly narrow categories such as "makes sense", "is interesting", or "doesn't embarrass all involved"? Get off my lawn, etc.


Joanna said...

But Year Zero is brilliant, one of the best pieces of satire on the whole internet!

UbiquitousGeek said...

You're a dick. Find something more compelling to do with your time.

Homage said...

Shut up and get to work on the new album already!