Thursday, April 23, 2009

Corganwatch: I See What You're Doing

Exhibit a: Billy Corgan's advertisement for TNA Wrestling, which encapsulates a vast swathe of things I thought were cool in 2001 (Mankind VS Sting; janky Poor Man's Kyle Cooper editing; vague Eminem nods; Billy Corgan) and turn them into something that looks like this:

Exhibit b: Chuck Klosterman's Theory Of Advancement:
...The key to Advancement is that Advanced artists a) do not do what is expected of them but also b) do not do the opposite of what is expected of them. If an artist does the direct opposite of what is anticipated, he is classified as "overt" ... The bottom line is this: When a genius does something that appears idiotic, it does not necessarily mean he suddenly sucks. What it might mean is that he's doing something you cannot understand, because he has Advanced beyond you.
Now, if I were able to advance a case that Billy Corgan had Advanced, I would love to do that; because anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that the entire point of Corganwatch is that one day, Billy Corgan will do something that will make me drop to my knees, wail to the heavens for forgiveness for having failed to recognise the continuing wonderment of Billy Corgan, beg Billy Corgan to put aside my time in the wilderness and allow Billy Corgan with open arms back into my heart1. There is no belief that's worth a plug nickel that doesn't burn in your heart and strike you unable to disavow yourself of because it just seems right and true; and I ache to believe in Billy Corgan.

But if Billy Corgan can do something so plainly stupid and desperate, and I can come home, three glasses of cut-price wine in me and laced with forgetting to eat and working too hard and quite evidently not in retention of the full complement of my cognitive faculties, and immediately say, "ah, this is Mr. Corgan believing himself to be Advanced", then that is quite plainly not Advancement, because Advancement is something that you don't for the life of you get; and I get it, and I'm drunk.

So this is just Billy Corgan being a nincompoop.

1 To those who would scoffingly deride this as a hamfisted mixed metaphor, I say only this: The Everlasting fucking Gaze.


James McKnight said...

Is there a name for his condition? In that the more that people recoil from his behaviour, he just stubbornly takes it to a higher level? Corganism?

Homage said...

Isn't it somewhere between Asberger's and Sociopathy? Asspathy?