Friday, April 24, 2009

Corganwatch: Faith Lies In The Ways Of Synergistic Marketing Opportunities

When Zeitgeist came out, one of the ways in which it was promoted was "Ask a Pumpkin", the Youtube promotion in which fans could ask Messrs. Corgan and Chamberlin questions like, "Dude I love your music?" and, "you put on a great show in 92, I just want you to know I was there?", and receive answers such as, "I don't know what you're talking about", "I used to subscribe to Famous Monsters of Movieland", and "would you ask Tom Petty that?"

Above: The New Media in all its dynamism.

The incredibly half-hearted participation of fans and musicians alike having made the event such a barnstorming success, Smashing Pumpkins Dot Com is proud to announce a sequel of sorts, the differences being:

1) There isn't even the halfhearted pretension toward interactivity; and
b) You have to pay for it.

$US40 gets you 60 video diaries from "behind the wizard's curtain", documenting the process of making the band's new rekkid. The site provides a helpful breakdown: at $40 for 12 weeks, with 5 updates per week at a minimum of 5 minutes each, that's at least 5 hours of sad, hollow attempts to recreate the studio-japery vibe of Vieuphoria.

Happy day.


harvestbird said...

Hmmm. I'm still upset about the singing-for-the-wrestling, but this entry only backs up further my partner's recent contention that I backed the wrong musical horse in the late 90s, whereas he, in his Weezer-loving foresight, made what has proved to be the better choice.

Homage said...

I sometimes think those sorts of thoughts; but then I remember that after Melvoingate I made the conscious decision to focus my attentions elsewhere, and this just resulted in my briefly dabbling in Everclear and Seven Mary Three fandom. This convinces me that Billy was the best thing to happen to me in the 1990s, and that is a sad realisation indeed.