Sunday, April 26, 2009

Actual Donkey Animal of the Week: Tiny Donkey

This week's Actual Donkey Animal of the Week is an adorable tiny donkey, shown with an even tinier donkey that is too adorable for words (apart, obviously, from words like "adorable", "tiny", and "donkey").

Or is it an adorable tiny donkey, shown with an adorably mothering larger donkey? Either way, get a load of that little fucker - that's so cute it oughtn't to be allowed. Imagine if you could give him a tiny little hat with holes for his (actually quite big, relatively speaking) ears!


Uninspired said...

God would you just look at that ass.
That is one cute ass.
So fucken juvenile, but I dont care =)
Best Regards

Homage said...

That is one pert little ass indeed! NO DO NOT SULLY THE PERFECT LITTLE ADORABLE DONKEY

someonefromsometime said...

So thats how we're gonna play it huh?

that IS an awesome ass! lolz if you imagine him with a mexican theme goin on.

sidenote: the verification word i have to type is "loconess". that cracked me up.