Saturday, March 07, 2009

Corganwatch: When You Want More Than Life Can Ever Grant You, There's Visa.

There are some fairly heartbreaking stories about people killing themselves because of nefarious tactics employed by credit card companies. (I recommend the pertinent chapters in Jon Ronson's What I Do). And due to Mr. Corgan's recent discovery that people will pay you money to use your musics to sell stuff, the phenomenon finds poignant expression in Visa's own latest commercial.

In the clip, the bittersweet euphoria of Visa-induced self-slaughter finds tragic expression through its depiction against vintage Pumpkins suicide-ballad Today. The song describes the carefree happiness felt on the final day of the determinedly suicidal: the commercial bravely dramatises this feeling by showing as if through the protagonists' own eyes the freshness of the final dawn, the wonder of a world about to be left behind, all of life's nagging hassles and crippling credit-card debts finally left behind, Morgan Freeman's somber narration at once conveying the fresh optimism of the soon-to-depart and the promise of a benevolent hereafter.

Billy Corgan may seem like he's just licensing any old crap, but truly he's as subversive as ever. For serious.


Kirawat "Pope" Sahasewiyon said...

It would certainly work with the image of a man on a tall building, stunning landscape from above where the crowd watching from below. His hand holding Visa card. With commercial say "just go...", he spread his arms out like wings and drop down the edge of the building with smile, and lens flare. Wonderful.

Homage said...

Pope, you're like my own personal Samuel Bayer.