Sunday, February 01, 2009

Corganwatch: This Week's Selling-Out Does Not Yield The Desired Coverage

There's a ridiculous logic at play in the relationship between the Smashing Pumpkins and capitalism: That Youtube-kid-quality Watchmen trailer their song was in was okay, and piggybacking off Joel Schumacher's final Batman movie was okay, and debuting a song in an Xbox game was okay, and being licensed to sell TNA Wrestling was okay, and previewing Zeitgeist by putting the first song in a Michael Bay movie was okay; but using a Pumpkins song to sell Pepsi?! Heavens no! That "crass commercialism and exploitation" would run directly counter to Billy Corgan's unique "message of honesty, artistic integrity and alternative non-mainstream culture"!

But then again, debuting a new song in an ad for Hyundai is okay. Obviously. After all, Hyundai, like Corgan, "has some unusual positioning in the market right now", according to their co-chairman; that's the kind of synergy Superbowl half-time ads are made for!

But lamentably, Hyundai have decided they don't actually have the resources in these lean economic etc etc to debut a new Smashing Pumpkins song at half-time. So now this "FOL" thing is just a pregame festivity. Keep the indie alternative freak flag flying!

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