Saturday, November 22, 2008

Corganwatch: Blames Eddie Vedder for Cubs' failure

I hereby announce that I will be using this "Browsing Log" or "weB Log" to keep an eye on the activities of William Patrick Corgan, because he needs an eye kept on him.

Having gone through the nineteen nineties trading barbs with any luminary of alt.rock worth remembering (highlight: Kurt Cobain writing a song about how his wife liked Billy Corgan; lowlight: saying he wanted to be more like Trent Rezor, to which Reznor responded by telling Rolling Stone he aimed to succeed where Corgan had failed), Mr Corgan is now reduced to issuing rambly diatribes at concerts that are summarily ignored by their intended recipients.
When I saw him earlier this year, he passive-aggressively dissed Jack Johnson before going out of his way to clarify that he in fact liked the man and his art (who the fuck goes onstage and praises Jack fucking Johnson??); at a recent gig, he attributed convoluted, Foucault's Pendulum-esque damnation-through-speculation to Eddie Vedder's song about the Chicago Cubs. Corgan elsewhere speculated that he could write a better song about the Cubs than others have done if he tried, he just hasn't.
Presumably this song will be included on his album of songs about Chicago that he has been talking up since circa Thefutureembrace. If bored enough at a future date, I may go through early, brilliance-era Pumpkins records to find where Corgan may in fact have been singing about awesome things about Chicago so as to try and reduce the damage-via-ridiculousness he has done himself: such is my love for the slapheaded Quixote. For starters, Marquis in Spades is totally about Curly Humphries.

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