Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Film Industry Presents Self With Ridiculously Easily-Solved Problem

It's a well-documented fact that I think nerds need to get the hell over comparing movies to videogames. But the latest hand-wringing missive on the subject from Variety continues the trend of actual film people (well, execs, at least) thinking the same way.

The general gist, if I read correctly, is that we're worried that games made for ADD teenaged boys will stop those same boys from flooding in their expected droves to movies like Jumper.

Which raises what I would imagine would be a staggeringly obvious solution: Why not just make some movies for people other than ADD teenage boys?

I mean... when games try to do movies, it's awful. When movies try to do games, it's (amazingly) even worse. So why not just let games being ridiculous in their quaint way (games being much better than movies at the particular brand of ridiculous which games aim for, ie holding a controller and blowing shit up in an overstylized manner) and get on with making movies that don't need to compete? Ie, movies for people with a mental age of >25?

(I did mention I really liked Rambo, right?)

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