Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Daily Woes of Frid Of Flint-And-Stone

I cave am dark. I cave am dark and it am cold. Wrap I beast fur tighter around I but still I get shake-of-cold.

Leave I cave. See Birni Of Broken Stone. Him am whip beast of tooth, make beast of tooth to cut grass front of him cave. Not cut grass beast of poison hide in grass, bite and kill. So beast of tooth cut grass.

I say Of day, Birni! Birni smile and say Of day, Frid! I ask Birni Birni, hear you story-man tale last firelight-time?

Birni him hear story-man tale last firelight-time. Birni wonder if story-man him trancewander less wide these moon. Birni say Story-man, him not so fanciful. Birni say Story-man, him just yap him jaw hope we enjoy. Story-man say Birni, him not trancewander skilful.

No I say Birni, No story-man him still trancewander skilful. I say Usual for moons of cold, story-man copy story-man story little. Story-man not trancewander realm of Gods all moon round. Some story-man he just trancewander next valley. Story-man I say, Him got plan for saga. Him know where saga headed. I say When story-man tie saga together, Birni be happy he keep come firelight-time. Birni say him, Hope so. Birni say him, Him like go firelight-time but hate when story-man not make firelight-time glow. Half-dozen story-man and nothing to hear, lament Birni. Laugh I. Half-dozen story-man and nothing to hear.

Tx Of Hardened-Stone, him join us yawp. Say he, Who is story-man you talk of? Say he, Am Tx meant to recognise story-man tales? Sorry, say Tx, But he do not! Say I Yes, Tx, everyone know you not come firelight-time. Tx interrupt me. Not come firelight-time, he ask? Him not even know where firelight-time AM!

Wonder I why folk not come firelight-time think it make they so clever. Tx not even know who Mighty Gzo Slay Of Urken am. It embarrass. Make clever cultural reference to Mighty Gzo Slay Of Urken, Tx don't get; have to yawp on DON'T KNOW WHO THIS GZO SLAY OF URKEN AM! Just admit you Tx, no good at keep up with firelight-time. No need try make out like you sooth-man or nothing.

I kin Pibble, her get in fight with Birni kin Bm-Bm. Say her Bm-Bm, stick am mighty playtoy! No such say Bm-Bm, Rock am mighty playtoy much great. Pibble heft rock some, say No fun rock. Bm-Bm call she Frond-Churl, tell she Just jealous cause all good game am play with rock. Her tell Bm-Bm Tree wisdom make better stick, work out mighty game of stick, then maybe Bm-Bm be Frond-Churl. Bm-Bm tell she Pibble just poor, can't afford get rock for self. Bm-Bm say he Stick am casual playtoy, rock am hardened-core playtoy. Maybe them both Frond-Churl.

Slate-Rock Man, him tell me Sun am high, toiling-time am ready! Slate-Rock Man him get argue with Inild. Inild say New ways Slate-Rock Man
not see. Inild say he Many little slate-rocks, make equal good rock-tool. Say he Each man be own slate-rock man. Ask all to give Inild little piece here and there, be part of new slate-rock age. People give Inild little thing here, little thing there, wonder Inild going make many slate-rocks now? But Inild use all little bits make big painting of Inild with many little slate-rock. People they get angry, stone Inild dead. Now Slate-Rock Man him boss again.

Sun am high, toiling-time am ready! Until next moon-time, Of day from strange modern age!

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