Friday, October 27, 2006

Fast Food Nation

Or Thank You For Supersizing; or Didactic Leaden Crap Persuading You Of Absolutely Nothing And Providing A Dictionary Definition Of "Preaching To The Choir"; or The Best Goddamn Cheeseburger I Ever Ate, Which By The Way I Bought Solely To Make A Point (As Decreed By One Of The Movie's Many Earnest And Annoying Characters); or Starring Greg Kinnear.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Walking to the bus stop at 9 in the evening, everything's wet and shining, light all tungsten and neon and halogen. The huge vertical billboard on the side of Manners has come unmoored down one side and ripped along the bottom. Flapping in the wind it looks just like a sheet hung out, except that it's six storeys tall and creeping, huge and clumsy, around the side of the wall like it wants to get in the window. The spotlight in the corner casts a huge shadow behind it which grows and shifts when the wind pulls it out and slaps it back. Down the road you can hear the sound of it crinkling and unfurling and whipping in the gale. It sounds not unlike thunder.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Walking to work, quickly becoming soaked and wilfully ignoring as much outside stimulus as possible, a car pulls up to the lights at Vivian and Cuba. It's been parked, evidently, under an early-blossoming tree because it's covered in little white-pink petals. Most of them are sopped to the car but a breeze licks the roof just as it stops. A whorl of petals and raindrops fly into the air, dispersing into a cloud in the intersection.