Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sisters are doin' it for themselves

I am thinking about this this evening. This is for women in South Dakota, where abortions may be about to be banned. It is an article on how to conduct an abortion in your own house.
There are many comments refining the advice given herein, which, of course, is exactly what this whole interweb thing is all about. And then there are many saying thank you very much for this advice, and it should be widely disseminated.
Which I agree with, but not so as many people as possible can conduct abortions in their kitchens. Why it should be disseminated is to remind people that if you take away the right to choose legal, professional treatment for pregancy, this is what will go on instead, and - it's not that Molly goes out of her way to shock, quite the reverse - but the fact is that the gravity of the circumstances somewhat mandate that that legal and professional environment is provided.
I don't think Molly provides the information so as to make life easy for women in South Dakota, as many of her commentors seem to be thanking her for. I think she's providing this guide to make apparent just how simple and painless things won't be if Roe v Wade is successfully overturned.
Which I think is a brilliant way for Molly to make a point that many people obviously agree with. Part of me wants as many right-wing logs as possible to pick up on it and make a big hooplah about the whole deal - hell, the dream should be that this thing gets poo-pooed and shot down on Fox And Friends at midnight on Prime TV, where I can hear it and be happy that the point has been successfully made. Aikido is what it is - using your opponent's loud belligerent idiocy against them, so that the most vocal, least thoughtful end of the spectrum holler themselves hoarse about what a bad thing it is you're doing, and meanwhile anyone with a brain in their noggin is thinking, well, if that's the face of anti-abortion these days...
But then, I may well be wrong.

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The American Empire finds new ways of scaring me daily.